Maximize Lead Capture with Quizell's Advanced Generation Forms

Elevate your marketing strategy with Quizell's Lead Generation Forms, expertly crafted to attract, engage, and convert prospects. Our AI-powered forms and quizzes are tailored to collect vital information, seamlessly integrating with your CRM to nurture leads effectively.

Why Our Product Recommendation Quizzes:

No Code Needed

Implement sophisticated quizzes without any coding knowledge, thanks to our user-friendly interface.

Fully Customizable

Tailor every aspect of your quiz to perfectly match your brand and meet your specific needs.

Accurate Product Recommendations

Deliver spot-on suggestions with smart matching system or our AI-driven algorithm that understands your customers' preferences.

Easy Setup, Powered by AI

Get started quickly with our AI-assisted setup process, ensuring a smooth and efficient launch of your product recommendation quizzes.

Integrations Powering Personalization

Seamless Integration for Your Brand's Success

Quizell simplifies the process of enhancing your digital strategy by offering streamlined integration capabilities. Effortlessly transfer quiz data to leading third-party applications like Klaviyo, Mailchimp, Zapier, Shopify, and more. This seamless connectivity ensures that the insights gained from your quizzes enrich your broader marketing efforts, fostering a cohesive and data-driven approach to customer engagement.

How Our Customers Thrive with Quizell

As a retailer of organic health products, we integrated Quizell and saw immediate results. Quizell's personalized quizzes helped our customers find their perfect health solutions, turning casual browsers into repeat customers. The platform's simplicity and automated analytics made implementation a breeze and offered valuable customer insights. Quizell's a game-changer in personalizing health and wellness shopping experiences



25% Increase

in Conversion Rate

50% Growth

Email Subscription Rate

30% Increase

Repeat Customer Rate

35% Boost

Customer Retention

Great app, with all the features needed for a successful quiz. Most importantly, top-notch customer support - when I met Omri, I had very specific requirements for custom development, which every app I encountered rejected (or quoted me outrageous prices for). Quizell did it quickly, cleanly, and at a reasonable cost. I highly recommend this app and its team.



100 less

weekly hours


More conversions


Less support tickets


Completion rate

In our beauty e-commerce store, Quizell became an immediate game-changer. Their personalized quizzes not only resonated with our customers but also enriched our understanding of their needs. The result? An immediate uptick in our conversion rate and an explosion of leads in the first month. With Quizell, we streamlined our operations, freeing our team to focus on other important business aspects. If you're in the beauty industry and not using Quizell, you're missing out


Ecommerce manager


Increase in Conversion Rate

Over 10,000

Email Leads Generated in the First Month

35% Reduction



Rise in Social Media Shares and Likes

As a fast-growing fashion company, we've been searching for innovative ways to understand our customers' preferences and style choices. Quizell has proven to be an invaluable asset. Their personalized quizzes have not only boosted our conversion rates but also significantly improved our customer engagement. The platform is simple to use, reliable, and offers powerful insights that have driven our business growth.

A Revolutionary Experience with Quizell!



Quiz conversion


Quiz Completion rate

95% Satisfaction

with Style Match


more lead capture

Before implementing Quizell's quizzes as our user signup method, we struggled to understand our customers' needs and expectations. However, ever since we introduced Quizell, we've seen a dramatic transformation. Quizell didn't just replace our sign-up process - it reinvented it. Now, our new users are greeted with an engaging, personalized quiz. This approach enables us to understand our customers at a deeper level from the very beginning of their journey. By capturing crucial data points in an enjoyable and non-invasive way, we can tailor our services to our customers' needs and preferences right from the start. This shift to a more customer-centric model has resulted in an unexpected, yet appreciated, product-led growth. We're now able to make informed decisions that resonate with our customers, resulting in a significant increase in customer satisfaction and retention rates. If you're looking to understand your customers better and want to adopt a product-led growth strategy, I cannot recommend Quizell highly enough. It's not just a tool, it's a game-changer.

Itay Guttman



Completion Rate

1 hour

Setup Time


Fast revisions



We've seen a tremendous improvement in our conversion rates since implementing the personalized wine recommendation quiz. It's been a game-changer for us! Our customers appreciate the personalized approach and find the quiz enjoyable and useful. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive - customers love the tailored recommendations they receive.

Aroma Arch Wines

Ecommerce manager

Our real estate agency started using the interactive quiz a few months ago, and it has truly been a game-changer for our lead generation process! It does an excellent job identifying potential clients and their property preferences before our team even gets involved. Every lead that comes to us now is a warm lead, equipped with a comprehensive understanding of their own property requirements. This saves us a lot of time since we no longer need to spend hours on preliminary discussions or show properties that don't match their needs




Successful Matches


Reduction in Time-to-Close


Client Interactions


Leads Generated

As the owner of a scuba diving gear store, helping my customers find the right equipment was always a challenge. Quizell revolutionized this process for us. With their personalized quizzes, our customers can now easily find gear suited to their specific needs and preferences. This has significantly improved our customer satisfaction and boosted our sales. Plus, the data we get from Quizell helps us understand our customers better, allowing us to continually refine our offerings. Quizell is an absolute game-changer for our store.

Marketing Manager


Products Sold


Decrease in Product Returns


Customer Emails Collected


Hours Saved


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