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What Is a Good Conversion Rate, and How Can You Improve Yours

Quizell Product Recommendation Quiz | What Is a Good Conversion Rate, and How Can You Improve Yours

Your website is an active, integral part of your business. To make it as successful as it can be, you need to continuously track your stats and find ways to make them even better.

One of the most important metrics to understand and analyze is your conversion rate: the percentage of site visitors who make a purchase or contact you. How do you know if your conversion rate is good? If it’s not, what can you do to improve it?

What Is a Good Conversion Rate?

Conversion rates mean little if you don’t know what to compare them to. Is your conversion rate above average or below?


In general, a good conversion rate is between 2% and 4%. It varies significantly from one industry to the next, though. For example, the average conversion rate for child and baby products is under 1%, while it’s 3.79% for arts and crafts.

Ways to Improve Your Conversion Rate

If your conversion rate isn’t as high as you’d like, how can you improve it? There are several tricks you can try.

Fine-Tune Your Calls to Action

Buttons and other calls to action are items on your site that directly prompt readers to make a purchase or reach out. Make yours stronger by making them noticeable, attractive, and audience-focused.

Implement a Product Recommendation Quiz

A product recommendation quiz takes your visitors’ preferences and goals and shows them personalized product recommendations. This boosts your conversion rates by highlighting the products they might want so they don’t have to hunt through your site to find them.

Target Your SEO Correctly

Your search engine optimization is an ideal way to pull in new web traffic, but it’s not a matter of “the more, the better.” You’ll get better conversion rates if you focus on keywords that are more applicable to your target audience rather than any keyword that has a high search volume.

Boosting Your Conversion Rate

If you want to improve your conversion rate, getting started is easier than you think. Take the first steps with a Quizell product recommendation quiz.

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