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How to Promote Your Quiz for Maximum Engagement

Quizell Product Recommendation Quiz | How to Promote Your Quiz for Maximum Engagement

Building the perfect sales and marketing quiz funnel is just the beginning. Once it goes live, it’s time to start promoting it to your audience.

Where should you share your quiz to get the most engagement (and ultimately, the most leads and sales)? Here’s how you can give your quiz the best visibility:

On Your Website

If you only promote your quiz in one place, it should be your website. This is the lowest of the low-hanging fruit. Promote your quiz within your blog posts, add it to your home page, and create a separate landing page for your quiz for better analytics. Having its own landing page gives your quiz a unique URL that you can use to market the quiz in other places.

On Social Media

Once your quiz has a home (aka your website), you can start sharing it on all of your social channels. Create engaging headlines and captions to make your quiz more compelling and increase engagement. Bonus: you can also look at others’ comments on your social posts to gain valuable feedback about your quiz.

In Your Email Campaigns

If you have an email list, share your quiz with your subscribers. This is an easy way to generate lots of website traffic fast, plus it gives you another reason to reach out to your leads and customers.

During the Sales Process

If you use a human sales team to do your selling for you, they can guide customers through the quiz as though the user was taking the quiz themselves. This is an example of “guided selling,” where the salesperson takes a structured path through the funnel to help close more deals.

On Third-Party Sites

Sites like Reddit and Quora are teeming with real user questions that your quiz could answer! You could even scope out these sites to see what users want to know, then design a quiz around those questions. Share the quiz and drum up quality leads.

Try Quizell for free and see how easy it is to create your own marketing quizzes!

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