How to Build a Quiz that Sells

Using quizzes as part of the sales process is a highly underrated way to boost your conversions. A quiz gives you insight into a person’s preferences and needs, and can even recommend personalized products or solutions based on their answers.

How do you make a quiz that sells for you? Use these best practices to sell just about anything via quiz:

Start with the End

When designing a sales quiz, it’s best to work backward. Your products or services are the end goal. From there, you can design your questions to help the quiz taker figure out their biggest pain points and lead them to the best-fit solution.

Types of Questions to Use in a Quiz

The questions you ask will connect your prospect to the right end result. Some of the questions you might consider including are:


      Demographic questions — See if your prospect fits your target audience (e.g., geographic region, industry, age, etc.)

      Personality questions — Learn more about your prospect’s way of thinking (e.g., what matters to them)

      Problem-related questions — Discover the main problems they want to solve

      Outcome-oriented questions — Find out what their ideal outcome would look like

      Price related questions — Understand their expectations of what it will cost to solve the problem

Designing questions that address all of these things can help you better understand the quiz taker, their priorities in solving the problem and determine the solution you will present to them that checks all the boxes.

The Easy Way to Build a Quiz that Sells

Creating a quiz that doubles as a sales funnel are easier and highly more effective with the right tools. Quizell lets you create custom-branded quizzes to recommend products to customers at scale. Get started with your first quiz the easy way!