How Sales Teams Can Use Quizzes to Close More Deals

Time is money when it comes to your sales team. The longer the sales cycle takes, the less revenue you stand to generate. One recent report mentioned that a sales rep doesn’t even spend the majority of their time selling.

While sales reps need to spend some time getting to know the customer and building value in their conversations, they also need to focus on their best opportunities. One way to do this is by using quizzes in the sales process.

Quizzes are powerful sales and marketing tools that help sales teams get inside the prospect’s mind, make valuable recommendations, and ideally lead to a shorter sales cycle. Here’s how:

Use the Quiz as a Touchpoint

No sales rep wants to hound their leads. Sending a quiz via email can give the salesperson an excuse to reach out and “check up” on their leads. It puts you back on their radar and keeps the conversation on target.

Learn More About the Prospect’s Needs

A quiz can serve as a standalone sales funnel that salespeople can use to learn more about their leads’ needs. Questions can be designed to uncover pain points, and ensure the customer is a good fit for what you offer,  and what their ideal outcome looks like to them.

Find the Best Fit for Every Prospect

Things like pain points, pricing, and solutions the prospect has previously tried can all affect a salesperson’s recommendations. Using the quiz as a guide, a salesperson can make better product or service recommendations that are personalized and relevant to each lead. This also takes some of the guesswork out of the process for the seller so they can capitalize on more opportunities.

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