Quizell was founded by Omri Yeheskel and since its launch in 2021, Quizell has been turning heads in business niches from all different industries. Quizell helps businesses develop user-friendly quizzes in order to better serve their customers; regardless of the size of the company or industry in which they operate.

How Does Quizell Work?

A revolutionary service, Quizell works by helping your business craft product quizzes which provide data about customers and thus, increase your consumer base and profit. When you partner with Quizell, customers are greeted with a product recommendation quiz whenever they visit your site. How the customer answers these questions provides valuable data that your business can use to market, create products that appeal to your customer base, and improve your sales numbers.

The process works as follows:

1. Create an account and chooses from our “Free” or “Pro” plan options.

2. Upload questions and products to your profile.

3. Customize your quiz using our provided templates or have us help you through the use of our gig on Fiverr.

4. Embed your quiz in Your website and watch your profits soar.

What are the Pricing Options for Using Quizell?

We offer a free and pro plan. With the free plan, you never have to pay a dime for our service which includes 100 quiz engagements, access to all of our templates, and analytics for your customer data. If you choose to use our pro plan, you'll pay only $10.00/month and be able to access our tech support, our more advanced analytics options, and have an unlimited number of engagements.

Best of all, it is easy and hassle-free to change your payment plan, if desired. If you want to upgrade or downgrade at any time, we make the process simple. We want to help you reach more customers, regardless of which plan you choose.

Does This Service Actually Work?

Quizell boasts impressive statistics. We have found that our service help to:

  • Decrease the Number of Product Returns. By knowing your customers' likes and dislikes, you can better predict their purchasing behavior and prevent them making returns. Our clients have seen 12% less returns since using our service.
  • Increase Sales. Companies who partner with Quizell have seen an impressive 9% increase in sales. This is a significant improvement, and these numbers are only expected to rise for your business as you incorporate more specific Quizell questions based on your products.
  • Massive Customer Engagement. The more people that interact with your brand, the better your company does. This is a tried and true principle that is important to keep in mind. With 10,000+ engagements per day, Quizell opens marketing avenues that businesses may have never even thought possible in the past.
  • Impressive Individual Sales Numbers. As far as individual sales, our clients can expect, on average to see 300+ sales per day.

Can I Create Quizzes in My Language?

We are able to help you translate your quizzes into any language you like, and you can build your quizzes in any language.

Am I Able to Cancel My Membership if I'm No Longer Satisfied?

Quizell makes it easy to cancel your membership at any time. However, we are confident that you will never consider this option once you see your sales increase by using our service!

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Become one of many successful businesses that use our service! Quizell helps businesses from all over the world in closing more deals every day more efficiently!